How to Plan the Perfect Corporate Event

What are the perfect corporate event near me? is usually the first question that pops in minds for any worker who has been tasked with organizing an office event. But searching for corporate venues before you have laid out finer details is jumping the gun and bound to end up in disaster.

There is a world of difference between planning a corporate event and planning any other event such as a wedding or a birthday party. So, if you just agreed to the request of your boss for organising the next office event (who could possibly refuse, right?) it’s our fair guess that you must be looking for the best function halls in your vicinity. Either that, or you are sweating buckets wondering how you are going to actually pull it all together. But there’s no need to worry. Planning a perfect corporate event is not rocket science, and organising a successful corporate event is easier than you might have imagined.

Follow the steps below if you want to organise an event that will create a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

Getting Started for your Perfect Corporate Event

Whether you have a week or a month to prepare for the upcoming occasion, the first step for planning the perfect corporate event is to establish the aim and objective of the event.

While most celebratory events like wedding and birthday parties are just a friendly get-together to share your special moments with your loved ones, corporate events have a deeper meaning and specific objectives that the organisers hope to achieve. It might be intended to engage with your clients on a closer level, build customer relationships, strengthen the bonds between the team members, market your goods and services, improve networking, and so on.

Before you begin searching for corporate function halls in London, make sure you have a clear idea of what the main goal of the event is.

Understanding the Basics for your Perfect Corporate Event

Whether it’s the launch of a new and improved product or just another one of the social gatherings that your organisation holds on a regular basis, it’s essential to properly understand the what, why, where, and who of any corporate event.

What is the event about? Why is it being conducted? Who is the target audience? How many people will you be inviting? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you decide where to host the event. But there’s still a lot to finalize before you can actually book a corporate venue in London.

Budgeting Smartly for your Perfect Corporate Event

It goes without saying that there would only be a certain amount of money that your organisation would be willing to spend on the occasion. This means that they would give you a figure to work accordingly. Or your boss might give you a few days to do the necessary investigations, come up with an estimated budget and then discuss the amount with them.

The cost of renting banqueting halls in London can vary greatly depending on the location, hall capacity, amenities, and other factors such as the type of package and the services that you opt for. Set aside a substantial amount for the venue but don’t forget about other essentials like food, drinks, decoration, and any souvenirs that you will be handing out. You can choose an all-inclusive party package that are usually more economical or go for dry hire to arrange things whichever way you want to.

Incorporating a Theme

Business events can often get quite boring. This is why incorporating a fun, but relevant theme can do wonders in ensuring that the event is a big hit. Incorporating a theme can be something as simple as using specific decorative items or it can also mean that you weave the thematic elements into the activities planned. It’s best to pick a theme that revolves around your company’s vision and is an important aspect of the business.

Choosing the Date

When finalising the date for your big office perfect corporate event, don’t just look at your calendar, but also that of the industry. This means that you should not finalise the date and day based solely on what’s convenient for you or your guests. Rather, you must take into account other factors like whether your event might clash with any important industrial conference coming up, public holidays and the likes. These seemingly unrelated aspects can greatly affect the attendance and the logistics of your event.

Making Appointments

It’s time to start looking for corporate function halls in London. Type ‘corporate venues near me’ in your browser and note the top search results that come up. Alternately, you can also ask around for referrals from your friends and family members, or even refer to the locations where the previous office events were held. If you are opting for a dry hire instead of choosing an all-inclusive party package, then you must also make appointments with other vendors such as the caterer, decorator, and any other services that you will be hiring. Sign contracts with the vendors and don’t forget to get a copy of the documents for your own record.

Tending to the Last Details

With the date, venue, catering and other arrangements all finalised, it’s time to send out the invites. If there are months to go till the event date, it’s ideal to send the invites about 4 to 6 weeks earlier. This gives the invitees sufficient time to plan things accordingly. Whether you send the invitations electronically or prefer taking the traditional route, don’t forget to dispatch reminders at least a week and then two days before the big day.

Follow these steps to plan a corporate event that is guaranteed to be an influential one. And to make it even more memorable, choose Vuk Banqueting as the venue.

One-Stop Venue for all Your Corporate Events

With in-house facilities including the perfect sound system, video projector, parking space, security and a lot more, here at Vuk Banqueting, we are committed to ensuring that your event is a sure hit and our all-inclusive party packages are meant to further ease your task of entertaining and satisfying the guests.

Vuk Banqueting is the ultimate stop for corporate function halls in London. So, contact us today if you are planning any business event.


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