How to Avoid a dry hire wedding venues Ealing London Disaster

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Several couples all across London are putting the stamp on a dry hire disaster by opting for dry hire wedding venues Ealing London or in other words, by renting a wedding venue only. Whether they involve a professional wedding planner or not, customized wedding parties are becoming more and more popular with each passing day.

Why West London is the Perfect Wedding LocationBooking a hotel or buying an all-inclusive party package has long been the go-to for brides in several parts of the world. However, as trends and fashion change, and as everyone continues to want to make their dream a truly unforgettable one in all aspects, these traditional methods are dying fast. There’s no denying that they are very convenient, but what’s the point if you can’t serve pizza or your favourite cocktail at your own wedding?

dry hire wedding venues Ealing LondonMany hotels and all-inclusive party packages allow little to no level of personalisation. So, when it comes to decorations, catering, snacks, food items, and other related aspects, the hosts have limited options to choose from. Therefore, they prefer to only hire a function hall in London and do the remaining work by themselves rather than conforming to the so-called industry standards. A dry hire venue is also called a ‘blank canvas’ because it lets you be the master of designing and gives you the chance to organise the event in whichever way you’d like.

Be it your wedding, birthday, anniversary, or any other event, if you are planning to host it in a dry hire venue, then there are a few things that you ought to know.

Firstly, there’s a thin line between a blank canvas event being a dry hire disaster. Since you are in charge of literally everything from the foods and drinks to the table and linens, missing out on even the finest of details can make everything go haywire. You fall short of plates and spoons or run out of drinks, and, before you know it, your guests will become upset. People start frowning and the day that you have dreaming of for so long turns into a nightmare right before your eyes. Moreover, many people underestimate the total costs that might be incurred when hiring a dry hire party venue in London. Compared to all-inclusive party packages, a dry hire venue usually seems like a real bargain. But if you don’t pitch in all the numerous other expenses that will be incurred, you are setting yourself up for a disaster.

With that said, we have compiled here a list of the basic things that you must consider when taking the DIY route for event organising. Follow these tips to avoid a dry hire disaster and make your day a fun and enjoyable one that you will cherish forever.

Inspect the Place to Avoid a Dry Hire Disaster

We may be living in an internet-driven era where almost everything can be ordered online, be it the daily groceries, real estate trading, or anything in between. If you want to avoid major shocks on the day of the event, then you must visit the said venue in person before you hire them directly via their website.

Know What You Are In For dry hire wedding venues Ealing London

When visiting the banqueting hall in London where you intend to host your event, don’t just judge the infrastructure – have a detailed conversation with the business owner/ manager. Ask if they have any restrictions over certain elements such as decorations, food items, or the likes. For instance, you should probably find out if you have the option of installing extra lighting.

Never Assume

With years of industry experience up our sleeves, trust us when we say that when it comes to dry hire venues, never assume anything – ever! You might notice that there are washrooms at the place, but did you know that some banqueting halls in London won’t let you use them unless you had signed up for an all-inclusive package? Before you book any party venue, make sure to inquire which facilities you can freely avail. Besides toilets, this includes access to balconies, terraces, as well as any outdoor spaces like a garden.

Get a Dry Hire Equipment List

Most dry hire wedding venues Ealing London that offer a dry hire venue normally have a FAQ document or a comprehensive list of equipment to help their clients be well-prepared. You must ask for a copy and in case they don’t have one, search for it online. Similarly, you can also consult your friends and family members who have been down this lane and seek their advice. Ask them to share their experience as this will enable you to identify any potholes and steer clear.

Ask for In-House Staff dry hire wedding venues Ealing London

While in-house staff members are there to cater to clients who buy all-inclusive party packages, certain banqueting halls in London will also extend the service to those who go for dry hire, usually in return for some extra fee. If this is applicable to your venue, don’t hesitate to hire them immediately. You will definitely need servers and instead of involving a third-party it is better to employ the local staff dry hire wedding venues Ealing London. They know their way around the place and hence, will prove to be more efficient than outsourced workers.

Cleaning Up dry hire wedding venues Ealing London

Thanks to your careful planning (and perhaps your lucky stars), the dry hire event proved to be a big hit and passed by successfully. But guess what? You forgot about the aftermath!

There are dirty dishes lying in the kitchen, empty wrappers scattered over the floor, and heaps of litter all around the place. Not to forget, the decorations need to be taken off too. So, who’s going to do it? Make sure you have the answer to this question before the event is over.

Hire the Best

Last but definitely not least, the most important tip to avoid a dry hire disaster is to choose a banqueting hall in London that offers a comprehensive package that best suits your need. Great party venues like Vuk Banqueting provide you with the essential equipment and facilities that ensure your event goes by smoothly. This includes a state-of-the-art kitchen, neat and clean washrooms, spacious parking lots, a superb sound system and a lot more at highly competitive prices.

By hiring Vuk Banqueting you can leave all the worries associated with a dry hire venue at the door. Get in touch with us today to find out more.








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