Top Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

There’s no denying that choose the perfect wedding venue is quite a daunting task. From grand ballrooms and banqueting halls to local restaurants and calm riversides – the options are endless when it comes to choosing a dream wedding venue in London.

Couples who have a crystal clear idea of what their big day should be like usually have little to no trouble in finding a venue that meets their needs. But for many others, the pressure of celebrating their special day in the most memorable way can prove quite nerve-racking. The easiest way to avoid the hassle and still choose the best wedding venue is to break down the process of finding one.

Besides the aesthetics, there are several things that must be taken into account when deciding a venue for your wedding. We discuss them one by one so that you can easily pick the most incredible location to celebrate the joyous occasion with your loved ones.

Choose the perfect wedding venue

1. Start With Your Wedding Vision

It doesn’t take a genius to say that when picking out a wedding reception venue, you must start with your wedding vision. What does your dream wedding look like? Do you want a luxurious ceremony with the right balance of modern and elegant elements? Or will you instead prefer getting married in a traditional manner?

If you want a sophisticated and lavish wedding venue in London, you might want to consider a hotel, modern art gallery, well-designed restaurant, and the likes. However, if you are more flexible with the venue selection or have a specific wedding style in mind, then hiring a large banqueting hall is your best bet. Such wedding reception venues allow you to hold a fancy and graceful event in a comfortable setting as well as customize the theme and decorations in whichever way you want.

2. Create Your Guest List

Before you shortlist venues for your wedding, make a tentative list of all the people who you intend to invite. Depending on the total number of attendants, some wedding venues may or may not be suitable. If you book a small hall for several guests, it will make the place look cluttered whereas a spacious venue for your closest friends and family members will create a dull atmosphere. Knowing the tentative number of guests will also help you to orchestrate catering and seating plans accordingly.

3. Focus on the Location

Whether you invite a large crowd to your wedding day or keep it limited to your nearest friends and relatives, remember that the wedding location can prevent them from attending the event altogether. A wedding ceremony and wedding reception held on the same day but at two different sites can prove inconvenient for your guests if the two venues are quite far apart. Hire a wedding reception venue that is easily accessible not just by personal vehicles but also by public transport. If needed, provide conveyance for your guests otherwise you might have to bear the heartbreak of seeing several empty seats.

Moreover, if there are guests who will be flying in from abroad or visiting from a different city, make sure that there are accommodation facilities are available close by.

4. Monitor the Budget

You will probably be keeping a keen eye on your budget but while touring the wedding venues in London, remember not to get so carried away by the aesthetics that you end up overspending on decorations or book a fancy venue that you later realise isn’t right for you.

Consider the cost of renting the space as well as all other things that need to be arranged when choose the perfect wedding venue. Selecting an all-inclusive wedding package might prove more economical but if you want a personalised party that is tailored specifically to your taste and preferences, then don’t be hesitant to opt for dry hire. However, make a rough estimate of the other costs (like food, beverages, decoration, etc) that will be incurred so that you know how much you can spend on the venue itself.

5. Determine How Much You Want to Be Involved

Choosing the perfect wedding venue in London also depends upon how willing you are to shoulder the various responsibilities involved in arranging a dream wedding. Will you arrange the food and drinks by yourself?  What about devising the seating plan? Are you willing to do these tasks on your own? And more importantly, will you have enough time to manage these things without any expert help?

The amount of work that you will be needed to do will differ from venue to venue. For instance, a hotel wedding will hardly require any efforts from your side whereas a wedding held in a dry hire venue might keep you on your toes even on the main day unless you hire a wedding planner or an event-day coordinator.

6. Do Some Research

If you are too confused about how your wedding party should go about or where to start your hunt for the best wedding venues in London, then the ultimate way to go about it is to do some quick research.

A simple online search using the words ‘wedding venues near me’ can turn up some highly useful results. Visit the respective websites and browse through the picture gallery of events that those vendors have organised in the past. Not only will this help you visualise what your own event should look like but also spark your imagination to create something even better.

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