How to Plan a Wedding in a dry hire wedding venues Ealing London

Plan a wedding for any couple looking for unique and creative ways to celebrate their big day in an impressive manner, choosing a dry hire wedding venues Ealing London is the ultimate answer. It gives you complete control over all the decisions ranging from the type of food and beverages to decoration, style, and many more. Unlike all-inclusive packages which have limited options, with a dry hire, you can go for a themed-wedding and specific cuisine or customize the party in whatever way you want.

However, being in charge of calling all the shots can prove to be quite overwhelming for many soon-to-be grooms and brides. Most of them underestimate the amount of work required in hosting a wedding party in a dry hire venue. So, if you are looking for wedding reception venues in London, it’s best to get a thorough idea of what hiring a dry hire venue requires.

Here’s an easy-to-follow and effective guide on how to plan the perfect wedding party in a dry hire venue.

Begin With the Basics


If you compare the cost of dry hire venues with all-inclusive wedding venues in London, the former might seem like an incredibly cheap deal.

But there’s a lot that you’re probably not considering.

Dry hire means you will be responsible for all other arrangements including food and drinks, decoration, florist, photographer, caterers, wait staff, and so on. Good wedding venues in London might provide some extra features like a sound system and furniture with a dry hire, but you will still have to do the majority of arrangements by yourself. Therefore, list down all the suppliers that you need along with the cost of hiring each of them. This will help you spend the money accordingly and plan the perfect wedding without blowing your budget out of proportion.

Event Date and Event Theme

Holding an event in a dry hire venue requires a lot of effort. So, make sure that you have plenty of time to work things out.

Check in with the required suppliers as most of them are booked up for months. Moreover, if the venue itself is booked back-to-back, then you will have to be really quick and efficient in setting it up for the event and then clearing it out well in time before the next one.

dry hire wedding venues Ealing LondonIf you are one of those brides who has dreamt of their big day since childhood and has certain specifications in mind regarding the theme, decor, and various other related aspects of the ceremony, then it’s best to discuss them with the contractor well beforehand. For instance, are you allowed to have open candles? Are there any restrictions on playing loud music? If you want a French-themed wedding, is the venue suitable for it? Plus, you will also need to check if the owner of the hall will have any issue with the extensive ornamentation that the decorators might be required to do.

Visit the dry hire wedding venues Ealing London

It goes without saying that you must inquire about the facilities available at the venue and personally visit the place before booking it. Ensure there are sufficient power outlets, clean toilets, running water, and proper kitchen facilities as you might need to heat and/ or cool food and drinks. There must also be appropriate space for you or the suppliers/ caterers etc to store the relevant stuff without it becoming an eyesore for the guests.

Parking space for the guest is another important feature that must not be neglected when planning a wedding. After all, you wouldn’t want the hassle of finding a parking spot to become a mood spoiler for your guests. So, when visiting the venue, take note if the car parking area is large enough to accommodate the vehicles of all the invitees. If space is limited or in case there is no parking facility, then find the next best lot in the adjacent area.

You might also have to book a valet service for the convenience of our loved ones.

Get Everything Noted in Black and White

Be it the hall agent, florist, caterer, designer, cake provider, or any other person involved in setting up your wedding party, get written contracts from all of them. Ask them to clearly mention the date and the exact time of delivery of the relevant goods or services. The documents must also include details of what each supplier will be responsible for. For instance, the bar staff must provide a comprehensive list of all the drinks they will be offering.

If you don’t want to leave big gaps in your big day, make sure that the terms and conditions are clearly understood by the suppliers. In other words, unless you want the guests to do the dishes, let the caterer know they are in charge of clearing away empty glasses and plates as well as providing the wait staff to serve the guests.

Don’t be Shy to dry hire wedding venues Ealing London

While you must surely plan your event the way you want to, avoid doing everything all by yourself. Get help from friends or family members and leave out playing the superhero for another day.

Many couples who don’t want an all-inclusive wedding package in London and prefer a dry hire instead often hire a wedding planner to tackle all the intricacies involved. Even if you don’t wish to do the same, you can still acquire the help of a close friend to work as a moderator. Let them know about the suppliers and any other required information so that they can keep a close check on whether things are going according to plan or not.

Hire the Best Wedding Venue in London

Now that you know the basic tips on how to plan a perfect wedding in a dry hire venue, you are ready to take the next step and book a good dry hire wedding venues Ealing London. Instead of googling the ‘best party venues near me’ check out the ultimate stop for wedding ceremonies in West London.

Vuk Banqueting is a locally owned business for the ideal wedding destination. We have a large and spacious hall with all the required facilities that you can book for a dry hire wedding venue. Or you can also choose our all-inclusive wedding packages that encompass everything from the food, beverages, and certain cuisines to table linens, chairs, complete decoration, and everything in between.

Contact us today to learn more.

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