Relaxed, Intimate and Fun: Mey & Patrick’s Banqueting venue

Relaxed, Intimate and Fun: Mey & Patrick’s Banqueting venue

A lot of real weddings that we feature are planned from abroad, but this love and laughter-filled party was actually planned from two different cities Banqueting venue! Canadian bride Mey and Irish groom Patrick live in New York and Tampa respectively, but if their wedding day is anything to go by, they’ve clearly mastered the art of the long-distance relationship! Along with 60 friends and family members from all over the globe, they travelled to Anglers Rest in Dublin for an elegant and faff-free party that we honestly can’t wait to show you! The wonderful Olga Hogan Photography was kind enough to share her incredible images with us, so let’s take a look!

Banqueting venue

Mey and Patrick met quite by chance, in Cartagena, Colombia. “I was on work trip in Bogota, and visited Cartagena on the weekend, while Patrick was on a business trip in Florida and similarly, decided to visit Colombia for a week with a colleague after their trip. We met at a Cuban bar in the middle of the old town and exchanged contacts. We stayed in touch ever since!”


Since then, this globetrotting pair have been all over the world together. “We have travelled between New York and Dublin, and travelled abroad to Spain, China, and Japan. I eventually moved to London for two years, where we were closer. Due to work, I relocated to Oslo for six months and we both relocated back to the East Coast after we got married. I am currently based in New York while Patrick is in Florida. We do plan to live together and we are expecting our first baby this summer!” How exciting – congratulations, guys!


Planning a wedding while in a long-distance relationship certainly sounds like a challenge, but this pair took it all in their stride. “Although we have spent some time apart, and have travelled a long way to be together, it has always been worth it,” Banqueting venue Mey says. “Even though at times, there is a lot of distance between us, it has only strengthened our connection and allowed us to develop a deeper relationship.”

This pair look so happy to be getting hitched!

How stylish is this couple!? Mey went to David’s Bridal in Toronto for her gown and the finished look is just so chic and fun. We can never resist a pretty bridal cape!

Top tip: Make room in your wedding-day schedule for a quick pre-ceremony pint with your bestie!

Mey tells us that Patrick popped the question in London’s Hyde Park Banqueting venue. “It was not so much of a surprise as I knew he was going to propose sometime that weekend. We went for a walk in the morning, got a cup of coffee and on the walk back, he got down on one knee and proposed by the Serpentine lake! Although it was an overcast morning (typical London!), it was the perfect proposal for us. We celebrated that night by having dinner at the restaurant in The Shard, and cocktails at Cahoots speakeasy!”

The couple tell us that their priorities for the anglers rest wedding were, “sharing our special day with our guests and hoping that the day was worth travelling to Ireland for. We also wanted to make sure that the food and snacks were good and that everyone got the chance to talk to us.”

You’ve heard of donut walls but a donut bar is a slightly less effortful alternative!

Mey’s Chinese heritage was represented in some special treats after the ceremony Banqueting venue. “I wanted our guests to leave with something different so we had Chinese red boxes as favours for each of our guests to take home. My parents also brought some Chinese cakes, that were served during the afternoon reception at our anglers rest wedding. It was something different for our guests to try!”

Mey and Patrick say they fell in love with the anglers rest wedding while attending a party there. “This venue is so charming and the people there were so friendly,” Mey says. “We knew this was the venue that suited us and the style of wedding we wanted to have.”

Mey sums up the big day as, “relaxed, intimate and fun anglers rest wedding. It was not a big wedding (we had around 60 guests) and this gave us the chance to spend time with each guest throughout the day. We had guests that travelled to Ireland from Canada, US, UK, and Australia, so it was nice to have everyone together. It doesn’t happen often at all. We both got to enjoy our wedding day as we had done all the planning ahead of time, and there wasn’t much to worry on that day.” That’s definitely the way to do it!

Mey offers some solid advice for engaged couples; “Make sure to take some time to connect with each other,” she says. “The day definitely flies by!”

We’re struggling to think of a sweeter couple! At this point, we have to say thanks so much to Mey and Patrick for sharing their wedding with us, and, of course, to Olga Hogan Photography for providing the beautiful imagery.


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