How to Be More Productive on corporate party venues

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How to Be More Productive on corporate party venues

Planning a corporate party venues event is not an easy feat. More Productive on Corporate Event. You need to hire the best corporate venue in London, coordinate with clients, guest speakers, vendors, and suppliers, and make several other arrangements to make it all fit together perfectly. Hosting a business event is a very demanding job, but if you have been tasked with organising one, then you need to rise above the pressure and prove yourself capable of event management nonetheless.

Instead of panicking or feeling overwhelmed, ease your stress and bring on your A-game by being productive and making the most of this opportunity.

Use these tips to help you out.


If you want everything to go really smoothly on the main day, it is important to ensure that you adopt the right strategies from the start. What you sow is what you reap, so if you have been tasked with organising a corporate event, make sure to implement the following. This will enable you to be more relaxed on the event day knowing that the major issues have already been tackled.

Keep a Margin for Last-Minute Changes corporate party venues

The client calls in sick at the eleventh hour, the sponsor withdraws, the supplier runs out of stock or is late to deliver the order – as exaggerated as it might sound, these issues are real and they do happen whether it’s a small-scale business meeting or a grand international conference. While you cannot really prevent them from happening altogether, you must be prepared to handle such contingencies. Proper communication and strong understanding between the parties involved can help reduce the impact of these last-minute changes.

Sign and Document Contracts

From the clients and sponsors to the caterer and hall vendor, ensure that everyone is well aware of their responsibilities and sign an agreement with each of them to make sure that they deliver the same. Document these contracts safely and send frequent reminders to the suppliers. This prevents them from taking things lightly and being forgetful about the important matters.

Set Deadlines and Consequences

It’s very rare that after you have booked a corporate venue in London, the event vendor will pull out of the agreement—but it’s always a good idea to prepare for the worst. Therefore, when signing contracts with any party, set deadlines for any changes or updates that you might need to accommodate at the last minute. Or you can also avoid getting such unwanted surprises in the first place by setting consequences. For instance, if the venue cancels, they must pay a penalty fee besides returning the initial deposit in full.

Rest Well

Exhaustion piles up and the last thing you would want is to walk around with groggy eyes or collapse entirely on the big day. Excessive tiredness will also make you irritable and flip out on the smallest things. If you think that a good single night’s sleep before the event will help you to overcome all the fatigue over the last few days, then more productive on corporate event. While you dot the i’s and cross the t’s planning a great business event, remember not to compromise your sleep schedule. Get sufficient sleep each night so that you remain productive throughout the day.

Preparing for the Big Day

If you have hired a reliable corporate venue in London, talked to the clients, guests, vendors and made all the necessary arrangements, then you deserve a round of applause for half your work is already done. Take a short break and then it’s time to get ready for the big day.

Form a Strong Team

Sunlight is to plants what a strong team is to corporate party venues success. If you want a more productive on corporate event the event to blossom and bear sweet fruits for everyone in attendance, then it’s vital to have a strong and dedicated team to help you out and ensure that things proceed smoothly. Choose the best people in your office whom you deem fit for the job. Familiarity amongst the team members is equally important to fit the cogs together and get strong support that you can truly rely on. Having a team that you are confident in will assist you in various tasks and help you to cover all the bases on the main day.

Begin the Day on a Positive Note corporate party venues

You will have to be on your toes at all times on the event day so it’s important that you rest well the day before. Go to bed early so that you can wake up early the following day. If tea or coffee is the first thing that you drink in the morning, substitute it with water instead. This activates your mind and body and makes you feel fresh almost instantly. Next, do something refreshing and rejuvenating and be more productive on corporate event. For example, stretch, meditate, go on a light jog, a brisk walk or anything else that enhances your mood. This prepares you both mentally and physically to take on the big day head-on.

Dress Your Best

Dressing properly will not just make you feel good but also radiate poise and an aura of confidence that will leave your guests in awe. Decide what you want to wear at least a day before so that you don’t waste precious time browsing the wardrobe for the ‘ideal’ dress on the main day. The key is to neither go overboard with the dressing nor be too humble in picking out the best clothes. Choose professional attire or something casual depending on the type of event as well as the gentry. Also, choose suitable footwear that you are most comfortable in. Besides causing blisters, trotting a large banqueting hall in London in high heels can slow you down when running errands and keep you from performing your optimum best.

Don’t be Shy of Making Lists corporate party venues

From a master-list encompassing everything that needs to be done to a detailed itinerary of the event day, making a to-do list is the ultimate way to boost productivity and breeze through the most complicated tasks. Break down apparently large chores into smaller steps and delegate to other team members if required. This will enable you to accomplish the set goals quickly and more effectively on a more productive on corporate party venues.

Hire the Best Help

Hiring a good corporate venue in London for your event can take half, if not all the worries off your shoulders. By choosing VUK Banqueting for your business event, you can leave all the stresses of event management out the door. Our large banqueting hall can not only accommodate a large crowd comfortably, but it’s also equipped with various state-of-the-art facilities that ensure your event is a big hit.

Leave it to us to deal with the numerous complexities involved in hosting an impressive event. Help is just the click of a button away. Contact us now!

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