Guide to Venue Pricing all-Inclusive Wedding Venues Chiswick London

Saving for a great event

Beginner’s Guide to Venue Pricing all-Inclusive Wedding Venues Chiswick London

Whether you are planning a wedding party, a corporate event on behalf of your organisation, holding a conference or a large business meeting, or hosting any other event for any purpose, there are several things that you must be looking for all-inclusive wedding venues Chiswick London.

For instance, you must be searching for wedding reception venues or large banqueting halls in London. Additionally, you’re probably looking for the best caterers, decorators, and various other suppliers plus the party packages that they offer.

But how should you decide which one is the best to pick?

Does paying a higher price guarantee a great service? Is your event vendor charging you more than the average rate?

If you want to organise a great event that will impress all the guests, it goes without saying that you must hire the best services in town. However, in an attempt to make their event really memorable, most people end up blowing their budget totally out of proportion. What they fail to realise is that hosting a great event does not always cost a fortune and limited expenditure does not mean that you have to skimp on style either.

To make the most out of your budget and take your event to the next level without breaking the bank, it is important to know the basics of venue pricing in your local area. Not only does it help you make the right decisions, but also enables you to avoid the seemingly ‘economical’ party packages that end up costing extra besides compromising the quality of your event as well.

Here’s what you need to know about venue pricing in London.

The Types of Venue Pricing

Event vendors can offer different types of pricing options to clients. These include venue hire fee, minimum spend, package, and daily delegate rate (DDR).

1. Venue Hire Fee

As the name suggests, a venue hire fee only covers the cost of the venue itself. Some places might only offer the blank space whereas other might have extra facilities like restrooms, kitchen, parking, equipment like tables, chairs, projectors, sound system, and so on which they may include within the venue cost or offer alongside in return for some extra fees. Considering these factors, the cost of hall hire in London can vary from a few hundred to even thousands of pounds.

2. Minimum Spend

Minimum spend venues are a budget-friendly option if you want a casual get-together for a large crowd. By opting for such venues which usually include bars, cafes, and the likes, you avoid paying the venue fees and just pay for refreshments instead. For example, you can book a party venue in London for 50 guests with a minimum spend of say £1,000 (£20 per person). This way, they can enjoy food and/ or drinks that are pre-decided by you or the vendor.

3. Packages

To save yourself time and money and various other hassles of organising the perfect event, you can choose an all-inclusive party venue in London. These vendors offer several different packages so you can select one that best meets your needs. Party packages normally include food, beverages, catering, decorations (plus flower arrangements for weddings), music, and other services that you might require (e.g. a photographer).

4. Daily Delegate Rate (DDR)

A Daily Delegate Rate is applicable to corporate venues only and consists of payments made on a per-head or per-hour basis when hiring a hall for a business meeting or a conference. These packages can be availed for a full day or half day and typically include the following: venue hire fee, refreshments with tea or coffee, and technical essentials such as projector, microphone, and speakers. The standard DDR for corporate venues in London ranges between £30 and £60.

Now that you know about the types of venue pricing, here’s what you must know about the way in which the cost of venues differ depending on the purpose for which they are hired.

Wedding Venues

Wedding venues in London range from hotels and restaurants to modest rooms and even large banqueting halls. It’s justified to say that the biggest portion of a wedding budget is normally spent on hiring a good wedding venue. According to The Telegraph, couples spend an average of about £4,500 on hall hire in London. However, the actual cost of hiring a wedding hall depends on several factors. Some of these are discussed below.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Hall Hire for a Wedding

  • Size and capacity– The size of the wedding venue and the total number of guests affect the cost of hall hire. Needless to say, if your list of invitees is very long, you will require a large space to accommodate them and eventually, the more you will have to pay for the venue.
  • Style and decorations– Classic decorations cost less while themed weddings can cost more depending on how lavish you want them to be.
  • Party packages– Hiring the venue only is the cheaper option if your wedding celebration is more of a private affair with only the closest friends and family members in attendance. Otherwise, all-inclusive wedding venues can save you a significant amount of money as they cover various other aspects like food and catering as well. Based on the number of guests, menu, and ornamentation, a dry hire venue can cost as little as £10 per head while an all-inclusive party package can cost between £40 to £200 or more.

Corporate Venues

The cost of hiring corporate venues all-inclusive wedding venues Chiswick London starts from about £300 (for compact meeting rooms hired for a few hours) and can shoot up to £10,000 or more for large banqueting halls hired for multiple days with state-of-the-art facilities and other services.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Hall Hire for a Corporate Event

  • Timings and duration– Hiring a venue on a weekday costs lesser as compared to hiring it on weekends or public holidays. Also, a two-day conference will cost more than a one-day event and so on.
  • Facilities and equipment– If you want the hall vendor to arrange extra equipment and facilities like a strong internet connection, live video streaming, flipcharts for a meeting, etc, then the venue price will go up accordingly.

What’s Next?

Now that you know everything about venue pricing in London, you must be wondering ‘where can I find the best function halls near me?’

VUK Banqueting brings you the ideal venue that provides the perfect backdrop for your event regardless of whether it’s a wedding, a birthday or a business meeting. Stunning place, great facilities, and excellent service – we offer all of that at a highly competitive price.

Get in touch with us today if you are looking for impressive but affordable banqueting halls in London.

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