Choosing a wedding venue is a huge deal. It's probably the first and most important thing you'll do as a newly engaged couple. But, it can also be an overwhelming experience. Reach out to VUK Banqueting Suite, wedding venues in London.

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Once you've decided on the time of the year for your big day, the real search can begin. Before you go about and start viewing available venues, know that your chosen location will determine the overall tone of your wedding. From the number of people you can invite to dictating the sense of your entire wedding reception.

So, how can you be sure that you're making the right decision?

Find a venue which is committed to accommodating your needs and is ready to tailor their existing offer to meet your budget and make sure that your wedding day is extra special. Here, at VUK Banqueting, we can make your dreams come true.

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Things to consider when choosing your wedding venue

Wedding theme

First thing first. Choose the style that resonates with you the most. A theme is something that every wedding needs. This crucial decision whilst planning your big day will help you define all other aspects of your wedding - the venue, type of decor, cuisine or even the dress you chose for walking down the aisle.

Whether you've always wanted to have a traditional English wedding, contemporary elegant celebration, or you wanted to have a completely different reception like Asian, Caribbean or Nigerian, we have the expertise and capacity to create the unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


Are wedding details really that important? Absolutely! They can help you tell your fantastic story. Every little touch you add can transform your ordinary wedding reception into a mesmerizing event. How many times have you attended a wedding where you've noticed how small details made a huge difference and created a perfect venue you've wanted to replicate on your big day?

Our dedicated professionals have the impeccable eye for details, thus can assist you with every segment of your celebration. Or if you wish, you can hire the wedding venue and organise everything by yourself. The choice is entirely up to your preferences.

Understanding your guests

While setting a style and choosing a perfect venue for your wedding is completely your and your significant others choice. Ensuring that your guests have a great time is a crucial piece of the puzzle if you wish to have the reception everyone remembers. But, how exactly does this work? Choose a handy location, that's both close to the city with hustle-free car parking and that's nearby the accommodation where your out-of-town guests will stay.

In case that you want to treat your guests with an ultimate experience, VUK Banqueting Suite would love to organise the transportation to and from our venue.

Venue benefits

Having the exclusive use of the venue on your wedding day is something every bride and groom should aim for. Our large terraced area offers a comfortable seating space for your guests in all weathers. There’s a large stage, ample toilets and we offer an array of luxury decorations.

Being located at such a private, five acres property, we provide our guests the experience of countryside wedding whilst not having to leave west London. With VUK's fully stocked bar with premium drinks and a late licence, you don't have to finish celebrating until 5 AM.

Is there anything in particular that you wish to see on your wedding day? Have you always wanted an indoor or outdoor reception? What should be the theme of your wedding reception?

No request is too challenging for our capable team. We fully understand your wish to have a perfect day, and we're determined to make it happen.

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