wedding reception venues chiswick london

Wedding reception venues chiswick london

Your wedding day is supposed to be the most memorable day of your life; however, in the search for the best wedding reception venues, planning the event and making sure everything goes together perfectly wedding reception venues chiswick london, save on wedding costs can get out of control very easily.

There’s no denying that weddings can be a hugely expensive affair, but a great wedding does not necessarily mean breaking the bank. There are various ways in which you can save tremendously on wedding costs and still throw a party that everyone will enjoy and cherish forever.

So, before you book a wedding venue in London, follow some (or all) of these brilliant tips to keep your wedding budget in check.

1. A Party for the Nearest and the Dearest wedding reception venues chiswick london

The ultimate way to save big on your big day is to make a modest guest list. Invite only your closest friends and family members without whom the celebration would be incomplete.

2. Get Married in the Daytime

Many wedding venues in London charge less for a daytime event as compared to an evening or night event. You can leverage this and easily save at least a few hundred (if not thousands) on the venue costs.

3. Don’t Get Married on a Saturday

It’s a well-known fact that Saturday is the most favourable day for wedding parties. The lesser known fact is that venue costs are often higher on these days owing to the high demand. Host your event a day before or after Saturday and you can reduce the total cost. Booking a wedding reception venue on a weekday will help you save even more.

4. Early Bird Takes the Worm

Start planning for your wedding very early and you can organise the most economical yet the most exclusive wedding anyone has ever seen. This is because you will have enough time to explore all your options, research well and hire the most affordable caterer, florists, etc without compromising on the quality at all.

5. Go for a Buffet wedding reception venues chiswick london

Depending on factors like the total number of guests and the menu itself, save on wedding costs and serving the food in a buffet style instead of a sit-down meal can significantly shrink the catering costs as you will need fewer or no waitstaff. You can pocket the savings or use them to upgrade the menu, whatever you prefer. And if you still need a little help with the buffet, then good wedding venues in London have an in-house staff that you can hire at an affordable rate if required.

6. Smart Timings

As mentioned already, most wedding reception venues charge lower for events whose timings are different than the usual. Another benefit of daytime and/ or weekday event is that depending on the time, you can opt for economical meals. For instance, no one expects a fancy dinner at an evening reception – a few cocktails and some light snacks are all you need to please the guest and save tremendously on food costs.

7. Skip the Band wedding reception venues chiswick london

Wedding bands usually charge quite a lot. You can save this amount by hiring a DJ instead or what’s even better, look for wedding venues in London that offer a high-quality sound system. This way, you can play your own music without incurring any extra costs.

8. Get Creative

Whether you are a DIY fan or not, get crafty for your wedding day and avoid the huge expenditure on professional decorators. Moreover, if you hire an exclusive banqueting hall in London, you can get away with little to even no decorations at all as the venue itself can serve as the perfect backdrop to your wedding.

9. Benefit from Bulk Buying wedding reception venues chiswick london

If you are paying for accommodation for your guests who will be visiting from afar, its best to book the rooms for everyone in the same hotel wedding reception venues chiswick london. This can help you avail discounts that might not be applicable otherwise. The same principle applies to flowers as well. Rather than ordering a wide variety of fresh and fragrant flowers, stick to just one type as you can then buy in bulk and get reduced prices.

10. Get Help (Or Not)

Depending on your circumstances, hiring a wedding planner may or may not be the best bet. If you have sufficient time to organise things on your own, then avoid spending extra on an expert planner. On the other hand, if you are pressed for time, then don’t hesitate to hire a wedding planner as they can not only expedite things but also prevent you from making costly mistakes.

11. Do a Blank Canvas Wedding (Or Not)

Similar to the above case, it may or may not be wise for you to book an all-inclusive wedding venue. For smaller gatherings, dry hire usually works best as you can conveniently arrange food and decorations on your own. However, if your guest list is too long, look for wedding reception venues that offer comprehensive packages as they are normally more economical than the alternative.

12. Delegate Tasks

The cost of hiring a photographer, videographer, event day coordinator and so on can drain big bucks from your wallet. Ask your friends if they are willing to pitch in of possible. For instance, someone can be in charge of helping the guests around the wedding reception venue while another friend or relative can serve as a photographer if they are skilled enough with a camera.

13. Limit the Free Goodies

Do yourself a favour and skip the wedding favours. After all, your guests are there to be a part of your happy day and not to loot some free goodies. And if you are so keen about wedding favours then save on wedding costs and consider homemade stuff like cookies packed in small jars, lollipops or other similar sweet treats. You can also opt for inexpensive souvenirs like customised keychains or mugs instead of going overboard with luxury items such as scented candles, branded chocolates and so on.

Above all, don’t forget that the cost of wedding reception venue forms a large chunk of the total wedding costs. Hire the best wedding venue in London, such as VUK Banqueting to host your special day in an ideal location and at a highly competitive price as well.

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