The Prettiest Luxury Wedding Venues

The Prettiest Luxury Wedding Venues

If you are looking for unique, personal and lovely prettiest luxury wedding venues Favours and stationery, if you would like to adorn your wedding with one perfect theme, then read on as I have the perfect picks for you today. Introducing LocoMix.

LocoMix is a Dutch company that creates incredible personalised wedding favours and wedding invitations. The brand was founded in 2003 and has developed into a busy operation with a vibrant team. They ensure their couples are happy by offering a multitude of wedding favours and wedding invitations, which you can personalise yourself. There are favours and wedding invitations for every kind of wedding style. Not to mention every wedding guest will be super excited about receiving these gorgeous treats!

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LocoMix is the ultimate wedding specialist when it comes to inviting your guests and thanking them.

Their goal is to make you easily design your own wedding favours and invitations with their online design tool, which is available on their website.

Their wedding favours and wedding invitations are not only personalised, they are also very special! Every sort of favour they offer, is not something you can buy in the store (for example a mini mint roll with your own wrapper). And their invitations have the same speciality (an Out of the Box card, which really jumps out of the envelope).

How do you design your own Prettiest Wedding Favours or wedding invitations Luxury Wedding Venues


  • Choose the perfect favour or card from their large assortment
  • Make a choice: do you prefer one of their unique designs? Or do you love to do-it-yourself?
  • Easily personalise your wedding favour (or wedding invitation) with their online design tool
  • Order from 20 pieces
  • Shipping within 5 business days!

Wedding Invitations

It all starts with your unique wedding invitations! LocoMix creates the most unique and special wedding favours and they also produce lovely wedding invitations that you can adjust by yourself using their online design tool. Your wedding theme can be used for both your wedding cards and wedding favours. This way, you will create a perfect theme throughout your special day. Your invitations are always the perfect way to tease to your guests what is to come so it’s so important to choose the right style and design from the get go.

Wedding Favours

If you are looking for custom printed wedding sweets as your wedding favours, LocoMix should be your first port of call. Their vast range includes more than 7 types of scrumptious sweets, which can be then be packaged beautifully. Printing your own text and other ideas is possible for a really bespoke style. The result will be wedding favours for your wedding sweet table that will fill the room with happiness. Just perfect for every sweet tooth too.

However, you might prefer a more eco friendly favour if you are concerned by your wedding carbon footprint. Good news, favours for your wedding can also be green! The green wedding favours that LocoMix produces, can be personalised too and are filled with flower seeds of your choice. The green favours are a long lasting memory of your wedding day, as they grow and bloom in the months to come. Plus the flowers can be grown right out of the green wedding favour, which means there is less waste and makes it super easy for your guests to grow them.

Lastly, wedding favours don’t have to be expensive. LocoMix have created wedding favours for every budget. Their budget wedding favours are especially selected for everyone who has a smaller budget. Cost saving, without compromising on style.

All wedding favours, big or small, are a great ‘thank you!’ for your wedding guests. Start personalising your own with LocoMix!

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