party venue chiswick london

party venue chiswick london

Inspired by Dutch Masters still life paintings, this lavish spring wedding inspiration shoot styled by East Made Co is nothing short of transcendent. With flourishing flowers, these fresh and romantic party venue chiswick london photos by Shotgunning for Love capture the lingering chill of winter while welcoming in the warmth and sun of spring. This stunning editorial has transported us into a fairytale, and we know this is true because there’s not just one cake, but TWO!

party venue chiswick londonFrom the photographer, Nikki with Shotgunning for Love: Two side-by-side vignettes evoked the warmth and chill of spring. Each tablescape featured decadent styling and edited maximalism. In the warm vignette, Lavish Spring Wedding you can almost play eye-spy with how many fun props are placed throughout, including live goldfish, exotic fruits, and curated antique pieces while cooler the cooler vignette includes taxidermy pieces and other alternative edible eats on our Lavish Spring Wedding.

Elke Van den Ende, the photographer behind this editorial, shares: The themed wedding inspiration and colors of the shoot were inspired by the location, an incredibly cool gym that opened a couple of years ago. The colors of the gym floor and the building inspired the flowers and the overall styling. We also put some thought in the ceremony and used the theme there as well: the couple is married by a referee, and for their exit…we didn’t throw rice or flower petals —rather ping pong balls!

Each detail was thoughtfully considered, including the painterly floral installations with parrot tulips by Nava Floral. The florals on the artisan cake were crafted, petal by petal in sugar by Trouvaille Bakery. Lavish Spring Wedding. One of my favorite elements are the hand painted backdrops by JRD Art Shop used to enhance the painterly mood of each vignette. Two complete calligraphy suites were created for each vignette as well, with artisan handmade paper and an organic calligraphy style.

The engagement ring that Bill gave me is a 1925 garnet stone. I knew that I wanted the marsh setting of the Airbnb to be the main design element. We drew from the colors of the tall wild marsh grass by using touches of pampas grass, dried flowers, wood chargers, and bamboo chairs, all tied together with my favorite color, black. But we wanted that extra pop. So we purposefully created a little garnet bubble around us with Bill’s suit + tie, my bouquet + makeup, and smoke bombs. Those colors followed us to the reception at the sweetheart table. We wanted to keep that special between us, so Bill and I were the only ones with garnet details woven into our looks.

We love whimsical weddings that whisk us away to a fairytale land much like this gorgeous wedding in Dallas.

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