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If you are engaged and have to start planning your big day, you need all the help you can get. and one of the best ways to get started is to envision what you want for your big day and start by choosing a theme you love. Choosing a Banqueting halls near me Ealing London is a great way to let everything else fall in place, as you can easily book your venue, finalize your guest list, and work out your budget according to the theme you want.

Apart from finalising your wedding theme, keep in mind that you should book your wedding venue in south London as soon as possible, as spaces can quickly fill up and you need to make sure that your venue is booked in advance. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your venue is sorted out, and all the arrangements then I’ll continue. When you choose a wedding venue in South London make sure that you choose a venue that can comfortably accommodate your specific theme as well as your guest list.

Since you will start by choosing a theme for your wedding, here are a few great wedding theme ideas you can consider:

Vintage Weddings Banqueting halls near me Ealing London

Having a vintage wedding is quite popular as it gives you a sophisticated yet creative way of enjoying your special day. With vintage decor and rustic accent, you can choose a soft colour scheme that will be perfect for any wedding. Vintage weddings are very popular as they allow you to enjoy great theme for weddings of all sizes Banqueting halls near me Ealing London. You can combine this with various elements to make the perfect combination for your special day.
A very popular idea is to choose crisp white for most of the elements such as flowers, chairs and table cloths, and they can’t trust them against the rustic elements of a bar or something similar outdoors. You can literally go with so many colour options as vintage weddings are versatile, romantic and ideal for almost any minimal wedding venue.

Beach Weddings

Beach weddings will always remain popular as there is just something very romantic about being on a beach. This is ideal for summer months, where you can enjoy warm weather and the beautiful outdoors. Beach weddings are usually accommodated by allowing your guests to get together outside, often on the beach itself, to enjoy the ceremony and the reception. It is a great way to get fresh air and have a beautiful outdoor setting, while having the sunset and the ocean in the background.

With a beach wedding you can have almost anything you want. You can choose a variety of colour themes, as you won’t have any restrictions as you will be outside and you’re not have to conform to the insides of a venue Banqueting halls near me Ealing London. This gives you a lot of freedom and you can choose various colour combinations that works perfectly with your chosen theme.
Beach weddings are incredibly popular, as they can also offer you the ability to have a smaller, formal wedding. not everybody wants a large complicated and very formal wedding, which is why beach weddings are ideal to consider.
Small and intimate weddings

Another great idea is to have a small and intimate wedding reception. You don’t necessarily have to do a large wedding and a very expensive venue, so you can think of it of saving a lot of money while still being able to enjoy a special day with family and friends. You can even go and arrange a morning wedding, as this is also something that is starting to grow in popularity. Morning weddings are intimate, small, but very special and can also be accompanied by a champagne breakfast.
There are various options to consider when you want a small or intimate wedding, especially since you won’t have to make a large budget available. You can choose any theme you want to, and easily find a wedding venue to accommodate you, as you won’t have a large guest list to work with. This makes it much easier to plan a wedding, while saving a lot of money in the process, which you can spend on something else such as your honeymoon.

When you choose a wedding venue in South London, your location is very important. London offers you a wide variety of the venue options, as one of the perfect backdrop, no matter what wedding seeing you choose. London has a very diverse history, with a lot of cultural landmarks, romantic wedding venues and a selection of beautiful tourist attractions that your guests can enjoy. You will have endless options in terms of spending your honeymoon, as there are many great locations throughout

London to visit.

Planning a wedding doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated, and whether you choose to work with a wedding planner or do with everything on your own, start by choosing the right wedding venue in South London as well as the perfect theme for your special day.

At VUK Banqueting Suite we offer you the perfect wedding venue in South London. We can accommodate large and small weddings alike and offer you a complete service that includes everything from décor, catering, music and more.

What to Look for In a London Wedding Venue

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