A Bohemian Woodland Fairytale Wedding Venue

The real Wedding venue fairytale we’re featuring today post is an effortlessly-styled bash that honestly could pass for an inspirational photoshoot! But while lovebirds Jillian and Tom clearly spent a lot of time and effort on the details of their day, their wedding was essentially a celebration of love and family. Jillian’s daughter Natalie was involved every step of the way, right from the proposal (more on that below!), and the guests were spoiled rotten at every turn. The couple made it official in a small ceremony in the middle of the desert at Joshua Tree, before returning to their home state for a huge party at The Old Mill Rose Valley in Pennsylvania. The latter celebration is featured below in images by Pat Robinson Photography, and we just know you’re going to love it!

How gorgeous does Jillian look in her dreamy off-shoulder wedding dress and oversized flower crown? Her gown is by Daughters of Simone, and she just looks so happy and comfortable in it!

Jillian tells us that she and Tom were friends for quite a while before they became partners. “We both shared a passion and a career in photography and video. We started a business together, Snapped Studios. We began spending a lot of time together while creating, and our friendship turned into the best love story!”

We love that Jillian stayed true to her personal style by wearing her favourite turquoise rings on the big day, along with her engagement ring and wedding venue band, of course!

There’s something so sweet about a couple getting ready together on the morning of their wedding! “We were married so far away from home, it was nice to spend the morning getting ready together in our first home and create special memories,” Jillian says. “We read our vows again and wrote a little something to read to our guests.”

Jillian describes Tom’s proposal as, “a dream come true!  woodland wedding venue fairytale We had spent the day exploring and hiking in the desert. Tom had planned a photo scavenger hunt for Natalie and I just before sunset in Joshua Tree. We found our way back to the first spot we ever visited in the park and when we got there, Tom played a video he made for us. It included all of our favorite memories and I thought it was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for us.”

A woodland fairytale

Somehow, Jillian still didn’t see the proposal coming! “Tom is the type of person to do really thoughtful and kind things for people, so I really didn’t expect more. I went to hug him and thank him and that is when I felt him dropping to one knee. He said really sweet things to both Natalie and I. It was the easiest decision of my life! We left the park that night so happy and excited for a lifetime of adventures together!”

The couple’s number one priority for their big day was, “creating an experience for everyone involved in our wedding. We wanted everyone to feel a part of the adventure and to know how much we love, not only each other, but everyone in our lives.”

It looks like this vintage VW van became an unofficial member of the wedding party!

Jillian and Tom quickly came up with ideas for not one, but two wedding celebrations. “We decided that we wanted to get married in Joshua Tree, but also wanted to celebrate with our family and friends back home too! We got married in the middle of the desert and we kept that as the root to our inspiration wedding venue. The words natural, bohemian, classic come to mind when describing the lok and feel.”

When looking for a venue that could evoke the iconic desertland at Joshua Tree, the couple stumbled upon The Old Mill in Rose Valley. “We chose it because of the natural elements and the beautiful surroundings,” Jillian says.

Jillian’s advice to couples planning a wedding is to, “make it an adventure! Create an experience that speaks to your soul and open your heart to sharing it with those you love.”

Jillian dressed her girls in breezy boho dresses from ASOS and Show Me Your Mumu, choosing neutral colours to fit with the naturalistic vibe of the day.

The couple’s framed table numbers featured a little drawing of a Joshua tree, which served as a subtle nod to their desert ceremony.

For a modern twist on boho style, Jillian and Tom incorporated a number of metallic details into their big day, including these mixed-metal disco balls!

Just when we think we’ve seen every kind of wedding macramé décor in existence, this couple hit us with a macramé tablecloth!

After the wedding, Jillian and Tom explored Baja California Sur in Northwest Mexico. “We totally would recommend it,” Jillian says. “We stayed in a magical tree house at Acre in San Jose, where a donkey named burrito is free to roam around, and Hotel San Cristobal in Todos Santos. Baja California Sur is where the desert meets surf town and it was the perfect combo for us!”

What a romantic end to a romantic day! Before we leave you, we have to say a huge thank you to Jillian and Tom for showing us how they put their wedding together, and to Pat Robinson Photography for sharing the incredible images.


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