14 Goddess Worthy Headpieces banqueting suites chiswick london

14 Goddess Worthy Headpieces banqueting suites chiswick london

Over the past few years we’ve featured the GORGEOUS bridal accessories of Erica Elizabeth Designs a goddess worthy headpieces, and this year she’s back with a collection that is sure to make you feel like a goddess on your wedding day banqueting suites chiswick london. Inspired by mythological tales—those steeped in mystery and imagination—she crafted the prettiest and most feminine designs to bring your bridal look to the NEXT level.

Erica tells us: I savored the mythology of the feminine, from the depths of the ocean deep to the celestial bodies ruling the night sky, tapping into ancient myth to access this deep well of female beauty, strength, and love. I crafted the Spring 2019 Collection, Spellbound, with the words of the legendary Karl Lagerfeld running through my thoughts: “The criteria of beauty in the ancient still holds true.”

Intrigued? So were we! Let’s take a look at all of her creations in the photos Meghan K Sadler snapped!

Celestial Stars

The mark of a true artist—each of these pieces is crafted by hand. Shoot for the moon with this Bright Star Celestial Bridal Circlet, available in both silver and gold.

Reflecting celestial lunar magic, these celestial hairpieces are the perfect way to add a heavenly touch.

Oh, and that starry piece above? It’s the Polaris North Star Celestial Tiara. Polaris, also known as the North Star, is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor or “Little Bear.”

Going for a subtle glam look? Say hello to these vintage-looking hair pins!

Erica shares: Water sprite Undine bears the magic of the female heart in a Crystal Jeweled Hair Ornament—Undines are a category of elemental beings associated with water. There can be little doubt that this magical headdress will lift your spirits with its many brilliant crystals that shine like diamonds.

Meet the Selene Moon & Star Celestial Hair Chain! Bonus—this can also be worn as a necklace!

From the sea to the sky, this timeless bounty of nature’s gifts is captured throughout the Spellbound Collection’s headpiece crowns, tiaras and chains; new veil creations of opulent silk and tulle are shown in Juliet caps, French net, cage, classic, blusher and ornamental styles. Shimmering accessories include pins, clips, combs, flowers and jewels, each designed to cast a magical spell that transports the senses.

Channeling the Elements of the Earth

Adding in a floral filigree touch, these gems drape across the prettiest of hairstyles. The Dominique Jeweled Filigree Hair Chain is available in rose gold, gold, or silver with ivory or white ribbons.

Queen of the North, is that you? This is the Oceanid Sea Branch Crown, named after the Oceanids—the three thousand nymph daughters of the Titans.

banqueting suites chiswick london


Adding a whimsical flair, the Naida Braided Hairband with Falling Flowers is the ideal piece to add a touch of romance.


Talk about GLAM!! All of the creations by Erica Elizabeth Designs just add that something *extra.* Don’t you think?

photography: Meghan K Sadler // venue name: Private home, Los Angeles, California, USA // planning: Erica E Koesler Designer // wedding dress: Erica Elizabeth // hairpiece: Erica Elizabeth Designs // hair stylist: Lindsey Burwell // makeup artist: Lindsey Burwell // models: Clara McSweeney

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